Patti's Episode Guide


First air date:  January 27, 1962


Doc is determined to cure long time alcoholic Dan Witter of his habit.

Favorite scene:

A comic scene where alcoholic Dan Witter (played by Edgar Bucanan) succumbs to the temptation of vanilla extract in Mr Jonas' store, stumbles upon a mirror, and invites his own image to "come on, I'll buy ya a drink."

Favorite quote:

Doc Adams: “He’s only got one weakness. I’ll admit, it sure is a whopper, but it’s the only one he’s got. Wouldn’t it be something if-if you could cut it out of him, or-or patch it up or sompin? Wouldn’t that be real doctorin’, though? Wouldn’t it?”

                                                                                                                                             ~ Story, Script by Kathleen Hite



First air date:  May 22, 1965


Matt Dillon meets resistance and hostility when he goes to a town to investigate a 12-year old murder.

Favorite scene:

Matt finds himself at a disadvantage when thrown into jail by an angry mob who intends to kill him.

Favorite quote:

Matt Dillon: "I learned a long time ago, you can't prosecute mass hysteria."

                                                                                                ~ Story, Script by Calvin Clements Sr.



First air date:  February 18, 1974


Hired gunman William Talley comes to Dodge for his last assignment, to fight for water rights for a group of small ranchers who struggle against the power of rich rancher Shaw Anderson.

Favorite scene:

Gunflgither Tally does some serious soul-searching when he reads a poem written by his young daughter.

Favorite quote:

Festus Haggen:"Matthew, I don’t give a hoot if he rode into town on a wagonload of Bibles. You know what his reputation is."

Matt Dillon: "Someties a man’s reputation and the facts don’t jibe."  

                                                                                                                       ~Story, script by Ron Bishop

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